Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Puzzle of the day

Puzzle of the day 

The xiangqi puzzle below is from Jim Png's new eBook - Becoming a Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Assassin Volume 1. With Jim's permission, I would like to share with you some of the interesting puzzle. Please try your best to solve the puzzle. You can compare your solution with the answer placed at the bottom of the page.

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Enjoy and have fun!

The explanation below are taken from eBook: Becoming a Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Assassin Volume 1, written by Jim Png.

This endgame composition originated from "Extremely Brilliant Xiangqi Manual".
It would be a checkmate if Black went first with R1+3.

  1. C3=9  ……

Red counters a kill (Black's R1+3) with this move, and threatens to kill with C1+2 on the next move. R8=4 as the first move would be a mistake.
  1a. R8=4  A5+6  2a. R4+3  K6=5  3a. R4=5  K5=6  4a. E5-7  P6+1
  5a. K5+1  R1+2  6a. K5+1  H8-7  7a. K5=6  R1-3.  And Black would be on the winning end!

  1. ……  R1=3  2. C9+2  ……

Red delivers a check with this move, forcing the Black chariot back to resolve it. Once the Black chariot is out of the picture, Red would be able to concentrate on utilizing his own chariot and pawn.

  2. ……  R3-6  3. R8=2  K6=5  4. E5+7  ……

The main motive for this move would be allow the Red king to command control of the central file.
P3=4 would also be feasible, but the kill would take one move longer.
  4b. P3=4  P6+1  5b. K5+1  A5-6  6b. R2=5  A6+5  7b. R5+4.  Checkmate.

  4. ……  P6+1  5. K5+1  R3=1  6. R2+5.  Checkmate.

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