Thursday, February 9, 2017

Xiangqi Openings: GM Hu RongHua's Elephant Openings #2

Xiangqi Openings: 

GM Hu RongHua's Elephant Openings #2

Game #3 Hu RongHua 胡荣华  wins  Chen BoXiang 陈伯祥 @ 29-Dec-1963 
Other Xiangqi Tournament 
Elephant Opening vs 3rd Pawn Advancement

Game #4 Game #4 Hu RongHua 胡荣华  draws Ma Kuan 马宽 @ 18-May-1964 
1964 China National Xiangqi Tournament 
Opposite Direction Elephant Opening

There are total 206 games from my next Xiangqi Book 
To be published soon

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