Saturday, June 10, 2017

Reader Review: Xiangqi For Absolute Beginners: Teach Yourself XIANGQI Step by Step

Reader Review:

Xiangqi For Absolute Beginners: 
Teach Yourself XIANGQI Step by Step 

Very good book. Anyone interested in Xiangqi (Chinese chess) should get this book. While not just for beginners a person who knows how to play the game might learn a thing or two about checkmate & openings. The book takes the beginner through every thing they need to know to play the game. Chess pieces, chess movement & capture, notation. The end game & all the way to the opening play., The chapter on the movement of the chess pieces is the easiest to understand & follow with the all the diagrams. Much easier then some books I have read on the subject. The each chapter ends with a self test to help the reader to strengthen their knowledge of what they read.
Looking forward to the next book from the author.

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