Thursday, June 30, 2016

eBook: Becoming A Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Assassin Volume 1

Start your journey on becoming a Xiangqi Assassin!

A new eBook written by Jim Png, webmaster of, already published and available at worldwide. A good foundation eBook for Xiangqi Lovers.
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Xiangqi or Chinese Chess as it may be more commonly known to the Western world, is an ancient game that the Chinese have played for centuries. Yet, it is relatively unknown to the English speaking world, probably because of the language barrier. 
It is very easy learn, especially to players with a background in International Chess but mastering it is a totally different issue. 
Over a five year period, I have posted hundreds of puzzles on my website, as an individual effort to share the game I so love. There are at least 3000 puzzles that I have uploaded. The puzzles are still on my website and can be found under the daily boards sections, which can be found on the menu bar. The site is over 2300 pages to date. 
This book is a selection of the puzzles that I have posted on my website and is targeted at beginners and amateurs who are starting to get acquainted with Xiangqi but still have trouble with the basics, or have limited visualization of the board, the pieces and their intricate relationships. 
The book is divided into four chapters with the first chapter being a simple introduction on how to play the game and how to read notation. The second chapter consists of forty-five puzzles that take 2-5 plies to solve. This chapter would be suitable for the complete beginner. The third chapter is targetted at amateurs and club players who already have some experience with the game. This chapter would consist of forty-five puzzles that are are solved with 6-9 moves. Finally, the forth chapter would contain ten actual games played that demonstrate how the experts do it in actual competition. 
There are detailed explanations so that even the complete beginner can understand what is going on as sometimes it is tough to explain so much on the website. Besides, the main idea is to force the reader to think and construct an image of the board in his mind, so that clearer visualization can be obtained. 
I absolutely love Xiangqi. This would also represent a book that I wished I had when I first started learning the game over thirty years ago. I hope the reader would learn to love the game as much as I do by going through the puzzles. 
Go, clear your mind, visualize the board. Go, start your journey on becoming a Xiangqi Assassin!

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