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The character of “自”- Since - Game #3

The character of “自”- Since - Game #3

Game #3

In Game #3, Red would demonstrate a third attacking strategy: attacking from the center. Red's chariot would block the Black elephant’s eye in order for the Red horse to trade with the Black cannon. Later, Red would advance his cannon to initiate a series of attack.

  1. C8=5  C2=5
  2. H8+7  H2+3
  3. R9+1  R1=2
  4. R9=4  A6+5
  5. R4+7  H8+9
  6. P3+1  R2+6
  7. H2+3  R2=3
  8. H3+4  P3+1
  9. H4+3  C8=6

The first nine moves are the same as in the previous examples. Diagram 1.3a. Please refer to Game #1 for detailed explanations.

Diagram 1.3a

 10. H3+5  …………

In this third game, H3+5 was played to trade for Black's central cannon. Diagram 1.3b. Such an attacking strategy is still commonly seen, and this would give Red command of the center for attack.

Diagram 1.3b

 10. …….  E3+5
 11. C2+5  H3+4

Red planned to sacrifice the right horse and advance left cannon to attack Black’s elephant. Black’s chariot would not capture Red’s horse. Red's next move C8=5 would be a threat to checkmate. Black also would not be able to move E5-3, as Red could play C8=3 to capture Black’s horse, while at the same time protecting horse. Red would gain Black’s horse. Therefore, H3+4 is the only move plausible. Diagram 1.3c.

Diagram 1.3c

 12. C5+4  …………

Black's left horse was protecting the central elephant. However, this would present an opportunity for Red to sacrifice his horse to take the Black central pawn by force, thereby enabling a campaign down the central file.
It would seem that at this point in time, Red would have to trade his horse for the Black cannon. However, Red's hidden agenda would now be revealed...

 12. …………  R3+1
 13. C5=7  …………

C5=7 was simply brilliant. Diagram 1.3d. The Red cannon would now be attacking the Black chariot, have moved out of harm's way from any future attacks by the Black horse, and be prepared for the final checkmate.

Diagram 1.3d

 13. …………  R3=6
 14. C2=5  A5+4

If Black H4-5, then Red would immediately counter with C7+3, for a Cannon Smothered Checkmate.

 15. C7+3

Checkmate. Diagram 1.3e. Instead of C7+3 for the Heaven and Earth Cannon Checkmate, Red could also play C7=5, for a Double Cannons Checkmate.

Diagram 1.3e

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