Friday, December 8, 2017

1981 Wuyang Cup Xiangqi Tournament

1981 Wuyang Cup Xiangqi Tournament

Wuyang Cup is one of the highest level of Xiangqi Tournament all the time. The tournament was began on January 1981, and only the China National Xiangqi Champions were invited. The tournament was sponsored by Mr. Fok YingTung, and organized by Wuyang Newspaper and New Sport Magazine.

During that time 1981, the players who competing were Yang Guolin, Hu Ronghua and Liu Dahua. The competition system was Double Round Robin system. The winner receives 2 points, draw each player receives 1 point, lose is 0 point.  In the first round, Li Dahua wins 2 games, Yang Guolin 1 win 1 lose abd Hu RungHua lose both games. In the second round, Hu Ronghua wins  both games, Yang GuoLin and Li Dahua both 1 draw 1 lose. Final results, Liu Dahua total 5 points and won the tournament. Hu RungHua 4 points as first runner up, and Yang Guolin 3 points for second runner up.

Below were the games play during that tournament!

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