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1984 Wuyang Cup Xiangqi Tournament

1984 Wuyang Cup Xiangqi Tournament

The 4th Wuyang Cup was held at 4th-13th January 1984.

4 players were divided into 2 groups, the winner of the group would compete in final, whereas the losers would compete for 3rd place.

Hu Ronghua and Yang Guolin were in Group 1. The first 3 matches were draw. Hu Runghua defeated Yang Guolin in march 4. Hu Runghua enter into the final.

Li Laiqun and Lin Dahua were in Group 2. There first 2 matched were draw, and 1 win 1 lose for match 3 and match 4. Therefore, the final seat need to be determined by fast game. The first fast game was draw, Li Laiqun defeated Liu Dahua in second fast game. Lee Laiqui in the final.

In final, Li Laiqun defeated Hu Ronghua with 3 wins 1 lose, whereas Yang Guolin defeated Lin Dahua with 2 wins, 1 draw, 1 lose.

As a results, Li Laiqun was the champion; Hu Ronghua first runner up, Yang Guolin second runner up and Liu Dahua 4th place.

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