Saturday, January 7, 2017

IGM Jiang Chuan wins IGM Cao YanLei

2016 Treasurer God Cup Rapid Xiangqi Tournament
IGM Jiang Chuan wins IGM Cao YanLei

IGM has prepared well for this opening. He did his home-work and applied new variation.

Red began with Central Cannon opening, Black responded with Screen Horses Defense. Both reached 57 Cannons 3rd Pawn Formation vs Screen Horse Defense variation.

In this new variation, IGM Jiang deployed his right horse rapidly to the battle. By doing this, IGM Jiang has gained Black's center pawn during the opening.

Later in the midgame, IGM Jiang moved his center pawn and capture Black's elephant. Lastly, IGM Jiang by using tactic shifting - to move both of his cannons to attack Black's elephant.

Finally checkmated with double cannons checkmate!

A wonderful game!

  1. C2=5  H8+7    2. H2+3  R9=8
  3. R1=2  H2+3    4. P3+1  P3+1
  5. H8+9  P1+1    6. C8=7  H3+2
  7. R9+1  E3+5    8. H3+4  A4+5
  9. H4+6  C8+2   10. H6+4  C2-1
 11. R9=4  C8-1   12. C7-1  R1=4
 13. P3+1  C8=6   14. R2+9  H7-8
 15. R4+5  P7+1   16. R4=5  H2+1
 17. R5=8  C2=3   18. P5+1  P1+1
 19. P5+1  H1+3   20. P5+1  H8+7
 21. H9-8  H3-1   22. C7=3  H7+6
 23. P5+1  E7+5   24. C5=2  H6+7
 25. C3=5  H7-8   26. C2=5  R4+2
 27. R8+3  R4-2   28. -C+6

Checkmated, Red wins!

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