Thursday, January 19, 2017

Flash Xiangqi Board by using Xiangqi Wizard application

{#31 Same Direction Cannon Double Headed Snake Pawn Formation vs Double Ranked Chariot - Red H8+7, Black H2+3, then Red C8+4, Black P5+1

Outcome: Advantage to Red}
1. C2.5 C8.5
2. N2+3 N8+7
3. R1.2 R9+1
4. N8+7 P3+1
5. P3+1 N2+3
6. C8+4
{s already mentioned, Red would gain advantage by playing C8+4!

Red is capturing Black's the pawn by C8=3, and prepare for C8=7 to prevent Black's horse development.

Now Black has 3 main variations:
6. P5+1
{Black P5+1 to prevent Red to play C8=3.

Therefore what is the best choice for Red?}
7. R2+6
{This is the most effective move for Red!}
7. N7+5
8. R2.3 R9.4
9. N3+4
{Current board status analysis:

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