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A mountain as a wager: The story of an emperor losing the Mount Hua - Part #3

A mountain as a wager: The story of an emperor losing the Mount Hua - Part #3

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In  second game, Zhao plays Red; Chen plays Black.

  1. P7+1  P7+1    2. H8+7  H8+7
  3. H2+3  H2+3    4. E7+5  H7+6
  5. C2+2  P7+1    6. P3+1  C8=7
  7. C2=1  R9=8    8. R1=2  R8+9
  9. H3-2  H6+8   10. C8+2  C7=8
 11. P3+1  H8+6   12. C1=4  H6+7
 13. C4-3  R1+1   14. H2+1  C8+5
 15. H7+6  R1=7   16. C8-3  H7-9
 17. E3+1  R7+3   18. A4+5  C8+2
 19. E1+3  C2+4   20. P1+1  R7=4
 21. H6-7  C2-5   22. C8=7  C8=9
 23. R9=8  C2=8   24. C4=2  C8+6
 25. P7+1  P3+1   26. H7+8  P3+1
 27. E5+7  C8=7   28. C2=3  R4=8
 29. R8+2  R8+5   30. A5-4  H3+4
 31. C7+8  A4+5   32. H8+9  R8=7
 33. C3=8  A5+4   34. C7=9  H4+5
 35. R8+7  K5+1   36. H9+8  R7=6
 37. K5+1  H5+3   38. K5+1  H3+4
 39. C8=6  C9=8   40. C9-1  K5+1
 41. H8-7  K5-1   42. H7+6  K5+1
 43. H6+4  K5-1   44. H4-6  K5+1
 45. R8=5  …………

As diagram. Black would force to play A4-5 in next move, then Red could play C9-1, Black K5=6, Red R5=4 would have been discovered check and would gain Black's chariot. Red would be in sure-win situation after captured the chariot.
After details analysis, Chen had foreseen this would happen. He had enraged Zhao deliberately. Zhao had fallen into the trick, was angry and had became careless. Zhao had make a big mistake and finally lose the game.

 45. …………  A4-5   46. R5-1  …………

Zhao played R5-1 to capture Black's advisor was the mistake. As mentioned, C9-1 would be the winning move.

 46. …………  K5=4   47. H6-8  R6-2
 48. K5-1  R6+1   49. C6=4  H4-3

Black wins.

After several years, Zhao had became the Emperor Taizu of Song dynasty. Chen Tuan came to visit him  with the signed contract agreement. Chen requested Emperor Taizu to fulfill the contract.Emperor Taizu kept his promise, and had granted Chen the Mount Hua.

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