Sunday, March 19, 2017

New Book: XIANGQI For Absolute Beginners - Teach yourself XIANGQI step by step

New Book: 

XIANGQI For Absolute Beginners - Teach yourself XIANGQI step by step


I started playing tournament Xiangqi in 1985. In year 2014, I own a Xiangqi Academy which focus on teaching kid’s Xiangqi. In year 2016, I started writing Xiangqi’s article in English and publish in my blog Middle of 2016, I published my first Xiangqi’s book:- “The XiangQi Master From The Cave”.

No doubt, Xiangqi is becoming more popular in Western countries due to the rise of China. China’s extraordinary economic growth and active diplomacy are already attracted Westerners’ interest. Westerners want to learn more about Chinese culture. One of the easier approach is by learning Xiangqi. Unfortunately, there is always not easy for a Westerner or non-Chinese speaking person to learn Xiangqi. There is not much Xiangqi’s book written in English are available in market, some books are out-dated, some are not for beginners, some are not for self-learning.

Due to this reason, I have decided to write this book “Xiangqi For Absolute Beginners: Teach yourself XIANGQI step by step”. This book is designed for the person who is absolutely no knowledge or little knowledge in Xiangqi, and would like to learn it by his own. Much of the book is composed of handouts I have given to students over the years.

The structures of the book are well designed. There are divided into 5 main chapters which are Xiangqi Fundamentals, Xiangqi Basic Kills, Xiangqi Basic Endgame, Xiangqi Basic Midgame and Xiangqi Opening. The sentences use are simple and easy English. The reader can just easily follows the chapter and learns Xiangqi step by step. There are more than 300 diagrams have been placed such that it would be easy to cross reference the moves and the actual situation on the board. At the end of each chapter, it consists of self-test or puzzles to assess the reader’s competency. There are more than 130 puzzles and the answers are provided at the end of book.

At the end, the reader will be able to appreciate the Chinese culture through Xiangqi.

Enjoy this wonderful game.

Wong Ping Loong

5th January 2017 @ Seremban

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