Friday, July 15, 2016

Xiangqi Opening: Blind Dog Gambit Variation

Xiangqi Opening: Blind Dog Gambit

1.P3+1    P7+1
2.P3+1    E7+5
3.P3+1   H8+6
4.P3=4   R9=7
5.E3+5    R7+8
6.C2=4    H6+4

This is one of the Pawn's Opening variation. Red played P3+1, while Black responded with P7+1. Black sacrificed his pawn to gain initiative by rapidly development of his chariot.
As seen, Black developed his pieces by threatening to capture the crossed river Red's pawn. In order to safe his pawn, Red moved his pawn several times just like a blind dog. This is the reason we named the opening variation as Blind Dog Gambit.

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