Sunday, July 10, 2016

Xiangqi Opening: Triple Hammer Horse Variation

Triple Hammer Horse Variation (盖马三锤)

1.  C2=5  H8+7   2.  H2+3  R9=8
3.  R1=2  H2+3   4.  P7+1  P7+1
5.  C8=7  R1=2   6.  H8+9  C2+4
7.  P7+1  P3+1   8.  H9+7  E3+5
9.  H7+5

This opening variation was based on 57 Cannons vs Screen Horse Defense, which then further invented by Peng ShuSheng (1874-1960) from LanZhou, China. With this variation, Red would be managed to develop his horse rapidly and gained initiative.

The name "Triple Hammer" are referring to ply number 7, 8 and 9.

First hammer: 7. P7+1, Red sacrificed the 7th pawn to give way for Red's left horse

Second hammer: 8. H9+7, developed the left's horse

Third hammer: 9. H7+5, placed the left's horse on a ideal position. As seen, the horse would be prepared to attack with H5+6 or H5+4, while the cannon was threatening C7+5 to capture the Black's right horse.

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