Thursday, May 11, 2017

#62 Same Direction Cannon Double Headed Snake Pawn Formation vs Double Ranked Chariot Red C8+2 H7+6 H6+5

#62 Same Direction Cannon Double Headed Snake Pawn Formation vs Double Ranked Chariot 

Red C8+2 H7+6 H6+5

Outcome: Advantages go to Black

  1. C2=5  C8=5    2. H2+3  H8+7
  3. R1=2  R9+1    4. P3+1  R9=4
  5. H8+7  H2+3    6. P7+1  R1+1

Now we reaches the most effective situation for both sides.
Red starts with Central Cannon, Proper Horses with 3rd Pawn and 7th Pawn Advancement.

Whereas, Black replies with Same Direction Cannon, Proper Horses and Double Ranked Chariots.

Now is Red's turn.

  7. C8+2  …………

In the previous, we had learnt that Red C8=9, all advantages go to Black.

In this post, we will start to discuss C8+2 variation.

The purpose of Red C8+2 is to prepare for H7+6 then follow by C5=6.By doing this, Red can re-arrange its base into a better strategic position.

However, this move is not efficient. Black would gained advantages if answer it correctly.

Thus, what is the most effective move for Black?

  7. …………  R1=3

This is an excellent and creative move!

In the surface, Black R1=3 hidding his chariot under the horse, and seems hard to develop in the future.

There are 2 main variations for Red to respond:
1) H7+6 as planned, ignored the purpose of Black R1=3

2) R9+2 a better move to against Black R1=3

  8. H7+6  …………

As planned.

  8. …………  P3+1

A key move! This is the key move to against Red C8+2!

  9. C5=6  …………

Obviously, Red could not P7+1, else Black R4+4 captured the horse.

  9. …………  C5=4

Another key move!

 10. H6+5  …………

There are 2 main variation in this situation.

1) H6+5
2) H6+4

In this post, we will discuss Red H6+5

 10. …………  C4=5

Excellent move.

Now, Red horse is pinned!!

Red would lost one of his piece!

 11. C6=5  H3+5   12. C5+4  H7+5

Current board situation

1) Black has gained material
2) Red is under attack

Outcome: Advantages go to Black

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