Monday, May 1, 2017

Edge Pawn Opening #1 - Introduction

Edge Pawn Opening #1


Red first move P9+1 is known as Edge Pawn Opening. 
In Chinese, it also calls "9th Tailed Turtle Opening" since it happens for the Pawn stays on File #9.

Edge pawn opening is rare Xiangqi Opening. It is not often sees in high rank tournament or play by grandmaster.

Edge Pawn Opening is a "soft" opening.It is very depend on the respond from his opponent to decide the strategy for next move.

The weakness of Edge Pawn Opening to too earlier to disclose his objective to his opponent.

Based on statistic, there are  4 main variations and their winning rate are listed  below.

1) C2=5, most popular, Red winning rate is 35.3%

2) C8=5, Red winning rate is 30.1%. 

3) P7+1, Red winning rate is 34.8%

4) H2+3, Red winning rate is 48.9%

We will start to discuss more in details starting next post.

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