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Covered Xiangqi #1 - a difference way of playing Xiangqi game

Covered Xiangqi #1 - a difference way of playing Xiangqi game

Diagram 1

Covered Xiangqi also known as 揭棋 (in Chinese) or Cờ tướng úp (in Vietnamese), is a strategy board game evolves from traditional Xiangqi game. This game is popular at Southern of China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South East Asia.

The mentioned game uses the same Xiangqi board and Xiangqi pieces. The movement for of the pieces are same as traditional Xiangqi game. The game rules are similar. The objective of the Covered Xiangqi game is to capture opponent's King.

Of course there are some differences.

At the initial setup, both kings are facing up  and stayed on the original position as in traditional Xiangqi game. On each side, the remaining pieces are mixed randomly and put on the board facing down (covered) on the intersection point same as traditional Xiangqi during initial setup. Since the pieces are facing down (or covered), both players are unable to identify the actual identity of the pieces. The Diagram 1 above describes the initial setup of a Covered Xiangqi game.

When the piece is covered, it movement is same as initial traditional Xiangqi piece stays at initial position. The player needs to move the covered piece same as the initial traditional piece stays at that initial position. Once the piece is moved and discovered, the piece will be facing up and disclosed its original identify. After that,  its movement will follow the original discovered piece.

For example, a covered piece on traditional center pawn initial position, its movement is same as a pawn. In other words, it only can move one step forward. After Red moved the piece one step forward, the piece need to be discovered or facing up! Once the piece is discovered, its may became any piece. It can be a pawn or a chariot or a horse or a elephant. In this example, the discovered piece was a horse (Diagram 2). After discovered, the following movement for this discovered piece would be horse. 

Diagram 2

The main difference within Covered Xiangqi and traditional Xiangqi is: The advisor and elephant pieces are allowed to cross the river to opponent's side and aid on attack.

From time to time,  I will start to share with the readers more details on:

1) Basic Opening for Covered Xiangqi
2) Basic Checkmate methods (with combination of advisor and elephant)

A traditional Xiangqi lover can learn how to play Covered Xiangqi in less than 3 minutes. If you are not familiar with traditional Xiangqi, you can refer to my book: "Xiangqi for Absolute Beginners: Teach yourself Xiangqi Step by Step"

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