Sunday, April 9, 2017

Wang Tianyi wins Bu Fengbo: 2017 China National Xiangqi Team Tournament - Round 1

2017 China National Xiangqi Team Tournament - Round 1
Venue: Hangzhou, China
Date: 8th April 2017

Games selection!

Wang Tianyi wins Bu Fengbo

Wang Tianyi started the game with P7+1, Bu Fengbo replied with P7+1 as well. Wang Tianyi developed his opening as Screen Horses Defend with Double Ranked Chariot. Whereas, Bu Fengbo tried to consolidate his defend, responded with central elephant and ranked chariot.

In the middle game, players exchanged both of their chariots. Then, Wang Tianyi had gained little advantage with a 9th edge pawn.  Wang Tianyi deployed his 9th edge pawn and attack Black' weak horse. Bu Fengbo forced to defense most of time!

Wang Tianyi continued to deploy all his main pieces to front line. Under pressure, Bu Fengbo captured Wang's elephant and would like to counter attack. Since Bu Fengbo had deployed his cannon to attack, his defense was relatively weak. Wang Tianyi took this opportunity and launched massive attack after consolidated his home base.

Wang Tianyi's strategy is to capture Bu Fengbo's center pawn. Whereas, Bu Fengbo tried to protect his center pawn. During the transistion, Bu Fengbo make a mistake! Wang Tian's was managed to fork Bu Fengbo pieces. Wang Tianyi sure capture one of them. Bu Fengbo resigned.

By Wong Ping Loong

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