Monday, April 10, 2017

Zhou Jun Loses to Jiang Chuan: 2017 China National Xiangqi Team Tournament - Round 1

2017 China National Xiangqi Team Tournament - Round 1

Date: 8th April 2017

Zhou Jun Loses to Jiang Chuan

In this game, GM Jiang Chuan had demonstrated how to play a good game as Black. All players should learn these tactics.

Zhou Jun developed his opening as 56 Cannons Single Horse Defend, whereas Jiang Chuan used Sandwiched Horses Opening.  Obviously, Zhou Jun's opening strategy was initiated massive attack during opening. This is common for Red player. Whereas, Jiang Chuan's strategy was defenses and wait for opportunity. This is common as Black player. 

During the opening stage Black never had a main piece crossing the river. Black just defend. The first time for Black's main piece crossed the river was captured Red's edge pawn with his right's cannon. By capturing Black's edge pawn, the advantages was turned to Red's side. Black launched the attack, and now was the turn for Red to defense his home base.

Unlike Red in the opening stage, Red attack was weak. When Black launched his attack, Black had well prepared and deployed most of his main piece to the front line. Red forced to exchange the chariot in order to minimize the impact, however Black had gained one center pawn advantage! In additional, the other Black's edge pawn was waiting in the initial position.

In the middle game, Red managed to exchange the edge pawn, however cost him an elephant. Red tried to defense, however, Black played well and finally Black won the game.

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